Values and Mission Statement

We are a professional space of academic knowledge production that aims to support forms of inquiry that work outside of traditional academic publishing. This includes, but is not limited to, research-creation, critical making, media arts production, and participant action research. As a space dedicated to supporting these forms of inquiry, we care about valuing these forms of knowledge production. We also care about valuing those who produce this knowledge. Finally, we care about finding ways to mobilise these forms of knowledge in productive, public facing ways. We aim to do so in line with the principles of social, environmental, and climate justice. These terms, to us, refer to a broadly intersectional approach that takes into account issues of labour, colonialism, land access, and stewardship. We hold that it is not enough to merely imagine other worlds; we seek to build them in large and small ways through the practice of research.

We articulate the labs' value and mission in a living document which will be updated over time. These updates will relflect concerns brought to the table by existing and new lab members during an annual review. All changes will made with the approval of all current lab members. Versions of our values and mission statement will be updated on the website as well.
Read our complete and updated values and mission statement here: